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“Russian-Finnish Joint Venture “Parity MM” Ltd. was established in 1992 as a wholesale trading company. The main activities of the company now are wholesale and retail sales of:

  • Olive oils from Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugalб Chile, Tunisia;
  • Grape seed oil;
  • Rice bran oil;
  • Pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, hazelnut oil, sesame oil, linseed oil from Austria;
  • different nut oils, avokado oil, coconut and argan oil, linseed from from France;
  • Natural olive oil-based cosmetics from Italy and Greece;
  • Italian balsamic and wine vinegars and sauces;
  • Olives and capers from Italy, Greece, Spain and Maroc.

Today “Parity MM” is the leader among olive oils sellers which is confirmed by the sales volume of over 1500 tons a year. By the 1st of  Decemver, 2020, the company keeps in stock about 800 positions of oils at all times, and the range of products is constantly increasing.

Today the products of “Parity MM” Ltd. are available in numerous big supermarkets and chain stores of Saint-Petersburg, and are shipped into many cities and regions of Russia. In August 2009 the opening of Olivia store took place - the first company store specialized in olive oils selling. According to our researches, such stores exist nowhere else – neither in Russia, nor in the world.

Today there are 21 Olivia stores in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and Yaroslavl and their number is going to increase.

Over the many years “Russian-Finnish Joint Venture “Parity MM” Ltd. has earned the reputation of reliable supplier of high-quality oils.

Visit our olive oils store "Olivia" in Moscow


- Prospekt Mira, 79, тел.: (495) 681-30-90


In Yaroslavl

- Deputatskaya St., 2

- Uglichskaya St., 8/46

Places to find products of “Parity MM” in Saint-Petersburg:

Olive oils stores “Olivia”:

- Leninskiy, 97/1, (812) 242-10-58

- Suvorovskiy, 21, (812) 271-20-60

- Ligovskiy, 73, (812) 655-67-90

- Malyi prospekt Petrogradskoy storony, 26-28, (812) 708-91-98

- Srednyi prospekt Vasilievskogo ostrova, 18, (812) 313-08-63

- Nevskiy Ave., 111/3, (812)717-89-01

- Tipanova St., 18, (812) 455-43-13

- Grazhdanskiy Ave., 24, (812) 596-29-22

- Savushkina St., 48, (812) 430-64-46

- Sredneochtinskiy Ave., 15, (812) 646-73-29

- Sredneochtinskiy Ave., 48, (812) 222-22-18

- Bolshoi prospekt of Vasilievskiy island, 87, (812) 313-84-10

- Kondratievckiy Ave., 61, (812)248-15-05

- Bolshoi Sampsonievskiy Ave., 92, (812)295-40-46

and in supermarkets:



Sem’ shagov











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